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Hourly rate

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Location Monday-Friday
Out Of Hours
Evenings and Weekends
Client visit N19/NW5/N6/N7
OR Client comes to N19 office
£70/hr £85/hr
Central/Greater London £75/hr £95/hr

Remote support

Remote support is offered.

Payment methods

By hiring Andrew Tsai (Tsai Law LTD) you are agreeing to process payment immediately on completion of work. If no payment is received within 14 days, interest will be charged. After 30 days, the matter will be processed by the court.


Invoice will be provided on request and can be made out to the relevant individual or company.


Cheques should be made out to Tsai Law LTD and need to include an extra 95p bank administration fee to process the cheque.

Bank transfer

Please contact Andrew to send electronically via bank transfer to Tsai Law LTD. All payments should include the invoice reference number.


Andrew grew up in Shropshire, and has lived in London for over 10 years when he began his studies at King's College London. He provides full time IT support and web design services. More →


Tsai Law LTD
Tavistock Terrace
N19 4BZ
Phone: 07714 524 635
Email: info@andrewtsai.co.uk

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