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Aftermath of the Tea and Technology event (SUCCESS!)

Aftermath of the Tea and Technology event (SUCCESS!)

A resounding success! Our sessions were fully booked in the morning and afternoon, and it was a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with fellow parents and children in Tufnell Park. Benjamin got to play and share his toys with some new children, whilst the adults got to work fixing their Mac and Windows computers. We even had a few drop-ins who hadn’t booked at all whom I managed to help, as well as a lady who brought an entire double buggy filled with an iMac, iPad, keyboard, external hard drive and an assortment of wires, all of which needed care and attention.

My God, it's full of Macs

My God, it’s full of Macs

It was really fantastic to get to meet all the different people who are connected to Tufnell Park through their business ventures, for example, I upgraded the RAM and hard drive of a MacBook from the owner of the future ‘Bear + Wolf’ cafe which will occupy the free book shop plot on Fortess Road. I cleaned up the Mac of a businesswoman who is starting a ‘real fruit icelolly’ business right here in North London. I really enjoy giving a helping start to local freelancers and small business owners in our patch.

Hopefully our little promotional event will help spread the word about my technical fixing skills and services around Tufnell Park. My only fear is that eventually I may need to turn people away as I’ve started to get booked up for more than 6 hours a day (a good problem to have for a new business!)


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