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Fix almost everything

I specialise in fixing problems with Mac and Windows computers including Macs, MacBooks, desktops, laptops and tablets. I have a depth of experience fixing all kinds of electronic, from Android tablets, e-readers, Kindles, TVs, Sky boxes, home theatre setups to modems, routers and WiFi networks. If in doubt, please get in contact with me, it’s more than likely that I can find a solution.


One of my most valued services is improve computers that are running slow by cleaning them up of older applications and files. Another method to improve older hardware is to fit upgraded components such as memory (RAM) or replace a hard drive with a solid state drives (SSD) for dramatically increased speed and usability.


All your files are important, whether they are business documents or family photographs. I recommend the ‘rule of 3’ backups: local, offsite and cloud (online), and my approach is to provide a solution that is automated and simple and requires as little input from the user as possible. Make sure you have a solution in place because not backing up can lose you hours of work and precious memories.


Buying a new computer, but not sure how to get everything transferred from your old device? I specialise in helping clients to move their files, applications, passwords and data from their old machines. On the way we can cleanup and sync to the cloud, and we may even get things running much faster than before.

Social media and training

Social media services and training can be given to individuals and organisations who wish to be represented on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Kickstarter and reddit. My experience includes 2 years in full-time work providing web and social content on a daily basis for the charities Help the Hospices and ehospice.

Website consultancy and design

I provide content, design, hosting, and administration of all aspects of website management and I am proficient with CSS and Photoshop. I also provide search engine optimisation (SEO) and online business cosultation. Please contact me for a bespoke quote.

Writing and copyediting

I work as a freelance writer, see my portfolio for a sample of my work. In the past I have been hired to copyedit everything from CVs to newsletters (MailChimp). I am also an expert Wikipedia editor and MediaWiki administrator and I enjoy contributing and maintaining Wikipedia articles.

Service details

Virus, adware, toolbar removal

Mac and Windows computers are still as susceptible to unwanted adware, malware and viruses, which can cause havoc on the speed of a computer, as well as make you more vulnerable to having your personal details and credit cards stolen. I am able to remove these programs and clean up your computer to make it run as fast as it did when it was bought new. This also includes fixing an issue where a program may have changed your default search engine to something other than Google.

Internet problems and WiFi signal boosting

I have over 2 years experience working in technical support for an internet service provider, and I know how to diagnose and fix any manner of internet connectivity problems. I’ve fixed issues with routers, local networks and WiFi networks in houses as high and as large as 6 stories. If you need help boosting or extending the WiFi signal in your house, get in contact with me and I will help out with your situation.


Andrew grew up in Shropshire, and has lived in London for over 10 years when he began his studies at King's College London. He provides full time IT support and web design services. More →


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