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Here’s what people are saying about Andrew Tsai:

Andrew Tsai has helped me with IT on two occasions. He is excellent and well versed in both PC and Apple platforms, also their interactions with entertainment systems. He is courteous and very quickly appreciates his clients’ needs and their level of understanding, tailoring his advice appropriately. Andrew’s charges are reasonable and he has been very punctual and reliable. I recommend him without reservation.

– Michael de Swiet, Emeritus Professor of Obstetric Medicine Imperial College

Thank you for fixing our persistent and ‘mysterious’ WiFi problems. It is a real joy to know that a professional, knowledgeable and curious IT support person is there to help. Thank you for the prompt response, your time and for the reocmmendations, all very satisfactory. Hope we don’t need you again :-), but if we do, we know where to go.

– Elli Vardy, Rhodes Avenue Homestay B&B
Muswell Hill, London

I cannot recommend Andrew more highly. He is always friendly, precise, and able to pinpoint problems and explain with clarity to his customers what is going on. I am so pleased to have found him, his neighbourhood presence is much appreciated.

– Proffesor Angela McRobbie, Goldsmiths University
Tufnell Park, London

If you want someone to sort out any – and I mean any, computer problems, mobile phone problems, printer problems, I would urge you to contact Andrew Tsai. Unlike so many people in his profession, he doesn’t try to blind you with science, or waste inordinate amounts of time showing you how to do ‘wonderful things’ that you will have no use for, he quietly goes about solving whatever problem s you might have, and showing you how to avoid them in the future.

I recommended him to a friend recently who immediately declared him a genius.

Don’t bother going to anyone else – just ring Andrew. He’s worth every penny of his very reasonable fee.

– Charles Dance, Actor
Kentish Town

I contacted Andrew because I wanted to make the most of my ageing laptop. I knew it was in urgent need of updating but didn’t know how to go about it.

Andrew listened, advised and helped me resolve all the issues on my list, including setting up free file and photo storage. He is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and explains what’s happening in a way non-techies can understand.

As a freelance working from home I love knowing I can buy practical, technical support locally on an hourly basis.

Andrew provides a really 21st century service I’m happy to recommend.

– Alison Huntingdon, Writer
Burghley Road

Thank you Andrew for a great workshop. All the information was very useful and relevant. I learnt so much about and feel more confident about promoting my business.

Met all my expectations.

Enjoyed the interactive/group activity. Very good session.

A great course and really useful. Now understand relevance of blogging as part of social media!

Would like a part 2!

– Feedback forms from teaching the Social Media and Business Skills Workshop, Circle 33
Highbury & Islington

I can strongly recommend Andrew Tsai as a COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTER. Professional, prompt, friendly and fast. He fixed my laptop which I thought had died and helped me organise my computing requirements brilliantly. Local dad and very reasonably priced.

– Madonna Cendrowicz, Freelance TV writer
Dartmouth Park

An excellent workshop, covered all relevant social media. Fantastic basic introduction.

Very clear, very jargon free presentation.

Very good introduction to social media Andrew! Great presentation!

Was all very good.

A really excellent performance. You are a great teacher Andrew.

– Feedback forms from Parent-Cubator Workshop,
Belsize Park

I would like to recommend IT specialist Andrew Tsai. He has helped me with so many different computer issues from fixing my Mac, to advising me on website development and social media, sending up emails and sorting out issues with my android phone. He always answers is phone, responds quickly and doesn’t charge for advice he gives over the phone. He is also very honest and straightforward about what he can do for you and what he charges.

– Maya Vaughn, Bliss on a Bike

I would like to highly recommend Andrew Tsai our local computer expert. I found him in the tppsg as I was looking for someone to help me with my Macbook Pro which had various problems. I took it along to his recent open day and he went beyond the call of duty to fix it.

– Juliette Neel, Photographer
Tufnell Park

Highly recommend my neighbour, Andrew Tsai, who’s an IT technician. When my son knocked my laptop off the table and the hard drive got damaged, Andy replaced and refitted it within a day and got me working back to normal.

– Nicola Tucker, Freelance Writer
Tufnell Park

Strongly recommend Andrew Tsai as a COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTER. Sorted all our MAC requirements out (maintenance, upgrades, storage & backups) without drawing breath. Reasonably priced, great bloke too.

– Nick Green, Freelance Marketing Consultant, Swagbucks UK
Tufnell Park

I would like to recommend Andrew Tsai, he is great. He has been helping me with various Mac issues over the years, including everything from repairing water damage to sorting out all my local and cloud backups. He is knowledgeable, prompt and efficient and very reasonably priced.

– Amanda Faber, Film and Theatre Producer, Founder of charity Kids in Need of Education
Dartmouth Park

Andrew was professional and efficient and he helped me sort out some longstanding WiFi issues with our flat. Once the problem was diagnosed, he managed to extend the WiFi over the entire property, and now we’re able to get wireless signal in the living room and can properly stream Netflix on the TV as well.

– Judith Ross, Nanny

I would like to recommend Andrew Tsai a local computer expert that I found through the TPPSG. He sorted out issues with my laptop really quickly, was really flexible about when he could come over and was able to give me some great advice going forward in a way that I could understand – no mean feat as I am not technically minded – highly recommended.

– Louise Allard, Solicitor
Tufnell Park

Dear Andrew, I am so grateful to you for sorting out so much of my computer/WiFi problems. Thank you very very much. Warmest regards, Ivor.

– Ivor Braka, Art Dealer

I would like to highly recommend Andrew Tsai our local computer expert. I found him in the tppsg as I was looking for someone to help me with my Macbook Pro which had various problems. I took it along to his recent open day and he went beyond the call of duty to fix it. mazing work!

– Juliette Neel, Photographer, Adamo
Tufnell Park

I can highly recommend Andrew Tsai. He is very efficient, speedy, knowledgeable, supplies and installs kit, works pro rata, came the day after I called him and sorted out my machine for a very reasonable rate.

– Clare Derrard
Tufnell Park

I want to thank Andrew for helping me out with sorting out my laptop. I had been having one problem after another with it until it finally wasn’t even starting up anymore. I thought I was going to have to buy a new one but Andrew not only fixed it, he also cleared it of all the junk and I got it back he next day. On top of that, I was also able to bring my 1 year old son to play with his son. I highly recommend him!

– Nicole Vandeneijnde, Charity Worker

Andrew has sorted out various technical problems I had when my 8 year-old iMac broke down and he made very helpful practical suggestions which led to my being able to use my Mac laptop with an external monitor, thus saving me a great deal of time and needless expense. Andrew is honest, competent and quick, a combination that is hard to find.

– Natalie d’Arbeloff, Artist and Writer
Tufnell Park

Andrew came to my house to take a look at my ageing Mac and set up/sort out my problems with my iPhone and iPad mail. He sorted out all my devices, took my Mac away, installed something called RAM (? – I clearly am not a techie genius) and also did some other magical stuff to my Mac. The upshot is that my Mac has now stopped freezing every 5 minutes and is super fast.

In addition I mentioned to Andrew that my husband had a Galaxy tab which was broken and not switching on at all. He took that with him and completely fixed it (we were ready to bin it). I have booked Andrew for another session to take a look at my daughter’s Android tablet as once again I have no idea how to use it. He is going to help me put her movies and games on to it.

I now have all my devices working, a speedy Mac, an invoice template for my business and even have Nancy Sinatra “Sugar Town” as my iPhone ring tone – which I have been trying to make work for ever!!!

Oh and one more thing – he was able to do all this with my 3 year old daughter Lottie dancing to Madagascar and my 8 month old daughter Tilly yelling her head off/having her nappy changed in the background! Andrew clearly is a techie genius.

– Janie Lawson, Glam Hatters’ Tea Parties
Kentish Town

Thanks for coming over Andrew, you are a great help. I will definitely recommend you.

– Dr. Adam Wander, GP in Camden PCT

I wouldn’t have a had any idea on where to start, thank you for helping.

– Daniel Lapaine, Actor
Dartmouth Park

An honest, reliable and excellent IT/Computer technician with many years of experience available for any computer, Mac, internet, software, hardware and phone problem! CILIP qualified from UCL. Available for weekend and weekday evening for extra work. No problem too small! Excellent service and fantastic value.

– Kristen McMenamy, Model
Dartmouth Park

All my computer problems solved!

– Madeleine Holt, Media Trainer
Newsnight Presenter
Founder of Meet the Parents, a grassroots school initiative
Tufnell Park

Thank you for coming over, you’ve helped out with loads.

– Suzi Bergman, Director of Storksak
Gospel Oak

Andrew grew up in Shropshire, and has lived in London for over 10 years when he began his studies at King's College London. He provides full time IT support and web design services. More →


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